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Whether you are hitting the open road or dreaming about it, this is the ultimate guide that not only helps you plan the best road trips, but that is made by other travellers just like you.

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Wherever the road will take you, home is where you park it. Live it, do what you want and enjoy the journey.

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Sharing the best of road trips

Remember this travel guide is not made by experts, but is inspired by other van travellers, who have experienced thing beyond the roads, and who have decided to share with you their most memorable adventures.

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The essentials

These are the must dos that have been hand picked by us. We guarantee zero disappointment when visiting these places.

Road maps

There are countless ways to plan a journey. Get inspired by some of our van travellers’ road maps to create your next road trip.


There are many places where you can park it, but some feel more like home and that’s where we can help.

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Activities and adventures

Everyone has different interests, but many can be shared. Here are some great experiences you should know about beforeplanning your next big trip.

City breaks

Huge landscapes are fantastic, but a quick stop in the city spark a new perception to your trip. Discover the city and take a different path.

With kids

Bring the kids and create memories with your family that you will always remember. Here are some tips and advises on how to share this extraordinary world with them.


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As van travellers, we aspire to discover the world by going the extra mile. We built this site to share our lifestyle with others in exchange of inspiration and culture to guide our way further.


Supporters help the community keep in touch by sharing their insight of the roads and beyond. Their support is important to us.


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By sharing your thoughts and comments you can help us better inform the community on the best road trips, while enabling us to live our very own dream.

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